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You can use the Loan Payment Calculator to find your monthly principle + interest, your monthly taxes, your monthly insurance, and your total payment.
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In looking for a house, the smartest thing you can do is to suffer through a 30 minute phone conversation with a “good” lender to get a ball park idea of where you should be on the price scale in your search. He can “pre-qualify” you after minimal information (including running a credit report). A written pre-qualification letter given with a contract offer is powerful. It shows that you’ve already taken preliminary steps to obtaining a mortgage.

If you plan to purchase within 6-8 weeks, it then also is wise to go through the entire written application process, and have,  in hand, a lender’s qualification letter.

What this means is that you have been qualified (paperwork done) to purchase up to a certain price home. When you find a home within that range, the only thing that remains is the appraisal of the home and your mortgage. What a great negotiation tool when the “right” house is found! It also means that your interest rate in “locked in”!

I’ve included the names of a few good mortgage companies for you to start with:

  • Steve AkinSr Loan Officer

    Starkey Mortgage

    Cellular: 214-987-9978

    E-mail: sakin@wrstarkey.com

  • Murdock Richard 

    Park Cities Mortgage, CEOCellular: 214-356-4627

    E-mail: mrichard@ntfn.com

TIP: If you are just beginning to consider a move, NOW is the time to request a copy of your credit report. This leaves you time to “clean-up” any surprises or mistakes on the report before it is accessed by a lender. Click on http://www.annualcreditreport.com.